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About Film & Animation / Student Amir, but you can call my Jay16/Male/Unknown Groups :iconart-shizzel: ART-SHIZZEL
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STT: Bonus Part 1
The Writer walks into a rundown bar. Immediately after opening the door, The Writer is hit with a putrid, horrid odor, and the painful sight of worn down chairs and booths, most of which are broken. Hacker, James, Chris, Wiz, and Rin linger around, finding a booth for them all to sit down in. Hacker's left eyeball is missing, replaced with an empty socket covered in blood and bits of brain. James' torso has a massive puncture wound through it. Chris' face is covered in burns, at least what parts haven't been skinned off. Wiz's neck is open, almost like a machete had cut through it. Rin's shirt is covered in blood, however the blood doesn't belong to her. The Writer sits down next to Rin, shifting a bit uncomfortably. "So, I assume you're The Writer?" Asks Rin, visibly drunk.
"Um... Yes. Now, what information did you bring me?"
"You know that girl, I think her name was Sky or something..?."
"Yeah, what about her?"
"Well, let's just say that she's gonna have some great grandkids!" Rin la
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DatAnarcho-DemonBoi's Profile Picture
Amir, but you can call my Jay
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hello, mychildren of Anarchy! I'm the devil! XD lol jk my name's Amir, but you can call me james... or better yet call me jay, 'cause i can't tell you howmany times i've been confused for :iconanimatedjames: XD... at least 3 times -3-

I'm a Perverted, raunchy, and satirical Demon spawn with a large imagination... who also happens to be an Anarchist XD who dreams to become an animator and comedian, while also doing reviews on cartoons, anime and movies

But for now I'm focusing on getting a following on DA for my art, if i don't reply to a comment, deviation or an RP we're doing i am either:
-at school
-on youtube
-doing homework
-reviewing a cartoon, movie, etc.
-going to the bathroom
-and overall just busy with something else! so don't spam me, okay? cool.

i'm 16 yrs old, and my birthday is on august 10th (which makes me a Leo XD)

this is my crushtag --->
Get your own CrushTag! don't be shy ladies~

these are my inspirations :):
:iconanimatedjames: :iconeddsworld: :icontomska: :icongroup5show:

closest friends X3:
:icon123jackjack: close friend and amazing artist :)

:iconmagpie64: amazing artist and favorite godzilla... bird thing XD

:iconwolfhippy: awesome artist and a chill girl ;)

:iconthe-ice-virus: awesome artist and a COOL guy! XD *BADUM TSS* you'll get the joke if you watch him long enough :3

:iconprettynpinkgirl: amazing artist and fabulous girlfriend since 11/10/2016 7w7

:iconpasteiiete: AMAZING artist and pastel mum X3

:iconmikupapercraft: smexy senpai X3

:iconzahyebah: perverted BFF (best female friend XD)

:icontheenigmaticphantom: awesome artist and my boi! B-)

:iconamyfoxflower: muh home gurl! XD

:iconartistic-oshwott: my best frenemy X3

:iconcandypurplecat: amazing artist and a really sweet feline XD

:iconshadowxconspiracy: fellow animator and one of my best friends who's like an older brother to me^^

:iconlittleflower666: my favorite yandere XD

:iconthe-legionary1: good friend and my favorite horny bastard XD

:iconedgygaybean: my belovedsmol son :3

:iconskyfallheart12: amazing artist and the best DA sister i could ever ask for :3

:iconflippyisking18: my king and beloved DA father^^

:iconflaky-skarlet: my queen and the best DA mother ever^^

:iconcypuss: platonic senpai's long lost twin... and my other senpai X3

:iconmissminisenpai: my platonic senpai X3

:iconki-akushu-bakudan: one hilarious writer XD

:iconghastlywingz: good friend and REALLY creative X3

:iconchristinadragon: close friend, and one of the best artists i know XD (i swear i see her working for disney one day XD)

:iconjdrawings24: other best friend and one of the best artists i know XD

:iconpajakgirl: awesome artist and fellow horror lover X3

:iconfearoftheblackwolf: pack leader XD

:iconapple-nina: great writer and real life best friend since 8th grade X3

mess with these people and i'll give you the biggest butthurt of your life! DX

other cool kids you should watch XD:



me: *is sitting down about to eat breakfast and turns on cartoon network* huh? is that... *sees that they're playing the LIVE ACTION ben ten TV movie from 2007* O_O HOLY SHIT!!! HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE THEY AIRED THIS!?…


if you don't know already, rick and morty has been delayed a lot... like A LOT, mostly due to the creators not being able to decide what direction to take the show in, and now there are rumors that this might end up giving the show an early cancellation, which is a HORRIFYING THOUGHT! for now we can only hope that shit gets settled soon, cuz we all know that rick and morty is too good to go out like this 
  • Listening to: rock, rap and metal
  • Reading: what i type
  • Watching: cartoons
  • Playing: with myself XD
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: root beer
Final hint: Prison didn't help, and as one last desperate stab at rehabilitation, they've been placed in a half way house.
A home for- Puppets Who KILL!  Puppets Who Kill by DatAnarcho-DemonBoi
Puppets Who Kill
yep, this is the series i was talking about XD i discovered it a few months ago and ever since then i was hooked XD

it's about 4 convicted felons named buttons the bear, rocko the dog, cuddles the comfort dol and bill the ventriloquist dummy, who all happen to be, you guessed it, dummies XD they've been placed in a halfway house in order to help reintegrate into society XD a society where apparently humans and puppets co-exist with one another XDDD with the help of their social worker, dan barlow, who is not only incompetent, but also potentially as screwed up as his clients XD
as you've probably guess just by looking at it, this show is a dark comedy, a lot of the humor comes from the characters antics, which involve sex, foul language, violence, some get rich quick schemes, and of course, DEATH! XD 

there's nothing really AMAZING about the show but from what i can tell it is the first actual show that revolves around killer puppets and not just a movie, where it's been done to death. and it may not be the most original but it's still potentially entertaining, the characters antics are fun to watch, the stories are interesting and overall i just like it, rocko and bill are my favorite characters XD 

there are a bunch of episodes you can watch on youtube so there's not much of a problem finding it XD hope you enjoy it, this series may be a cult classic in canada but it needs more love in the states XDDD
hint #4: Rocko The Dog was a sidekick in a childrens show until one day- he snapped! O_O


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